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Google Planning On Creating a Gaming Platform To Compete Against Xbox & PlayStation

Google has been rumored for a while to be getting in the gaming business and more signs are pointing to that happening. New rumors suggest Google is looking into creating a streaming platform that would be in competition with Xbox and PlayStation.

From reports, Google has a three-part plan for getting into the gaming business which includes, a streaming platform, some sort of hardware, and bringing in game developers under them. Months ago it was reported that Google’s streaming console would be the Yeti but no big news hasn’t come out since the initial reports.

When it comes to game developers, Google has reportedly met with some back in March and then again at E3. Not only were they trying to court them for their streaming service but also to buy some of the developers. Reports also say that some developers are skeptical due to Google’s history of starting and then abandoning projects. Recently Google tried to install internet infrastructure across the country only to stop production of it.

Google’s Yeti would allow gamers to play games without the need for hardware to be up to date for high-end games. By streaming the games, a gamer could play top graphics games on an internet browser. This would also help eliminate game developers limits they have on hardware consoles and allows more accessibility to gamers since they can just play games anywhere versus needing a console to play a game. Whether or not Google actually gets into the gaming business is a wait to be seen.

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