Next Wave Of Overwatch Pops Coming This Fall

Funko’s Overwatch Pop! figure line is the gift that keeps on giving. The fans of the incredibly popular game have proven to Funko that enough is never enough. Usually, when a line of figures sells really well the company will make it a priority to release more waves of new collectibles for the line. Popular brands such as Marvel or Star Wars do not have hard time meeting this demand. Game brands have somewhat struggled to meet this same popularity with Funko’s products. Overwatch has proven to be one of the few gems in this pool for the brand’s popularity has consistently met and exceeded the demand for more products. Funko has just announced the next wave of Overwatch Pop! figures that will surely meet and warrant the need for more from fans.

First up is the common releases that will be available to purchase almost anywhere. The six common figures will be Genji, Doomfist, Hanzo, Torbjörn, Ana, and Orisa. Orisa will be a larger six-inch sized figure.


Next up is the line of exclusives that will only be available at select locations. Carbon Fiber Genji will be a Target exclusive. Shrike Ana will be exclusive to Amazon. Molten Core Torbjörn will only be found at Best Buy. Finally, a six-inch version of OR-15 will be exclusive to Gamestop.


Funko is also releasing a large amount of Pop! keychains for the line! All of these will be common releases (Funko has released exclusive keychains before). Mercy, Soldier: 76, Winston, Pharah, D.Va, Sombra, and Lúcio are the characters included in this wave. They shall make a fine collection to fans’ keychains.


What figures will you be out on the hunt for this fall? What other characters would you like to see in the future? Make sure to remember that if you want to see more then you have to go out and show some love for this wave. Let us know your thoughts on our social media and stay tuned for more updates on future Funko releases!

Source: Funko


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