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‘The Flash’ Director Thinks the Film Will Release in 2020

The Flash’s solo film has suffered many setbacks for nearly three years. Directors and writers have come and gone. As of earlier this year, however, things are beginning to take on a promising look. For starters, Horrible Bosses writers, John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, are attached to direct. Another bit of recent news is a rumor regarding the film’s title; apparently, Flashpoint is no more. This film will simply bear the title, The Flash. Now, fresh details come by way of Twitter and tease the film’s potential release window.

During a Twitter exchange with fans (via Heroic Hollywood), Daley was asked when audiences should expect to see his next film. Check out his response below:

As far as the public knows, The Flash is the only project Daley currently has in pre-production. With filming reportedly beginning later this year, 2020 sounds like an ideal time frame for the movie’s release. Here’s to hoping that all does indeed go well.

What are your thoughts on how The Flash will pan out? Let us know in the comments.


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