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MTV Launches Studio, ‘Daria’ Among Reboot Plans

MTV has cultivated over 35 years of content and they’ve decided to jump into the streaming game by rebooting four of their most popular shows: Made, Aeon Flux, The Real World, and Daria.

This comes as part of a bigger push by different Viacom brands-including MTV and Nickelodeon-to expand into a legitimate studio. In addition to the four classics, MTV Studios will also be producing two original docuseries and they hope to transfer the Viacom-owned cable network’s library of young adult series and franchises. President of the Network Chris McCarthy, called their archives the “largest youth library in the history of TV,”  and stated that they also had plans to develop new original series through MTV Studios including two new reality shows called The Valley and MTV’s Straight Up Ghosted. 

The new Daria is set to be called Daria and Jodie and focus on the two girls as they attempt to deconstruct and understand the world around them. Made will follow its original makeover format, Straight Up Ghosted will attempt to connect friends who have been “ghosted” and The Valley will focus on a group of twentysomethings living in Nogales, Arizona, on the edge of two countries that share the valley and the similarities and differences that bond us.

When questioned, McCarthy said that MTV would no longer be doing scripted as a whole: 

“when we do it, we want to make it an event so it’s meaningful and breaks through culture. In the same way, like when we launch Daria in an SVOD partner, we’re going to want to use all our platforms to drive to that and make that successful. We’re not looking at it as a competitor platform; we’re looking at it as our product, our story and our IP and we want to make it successful no matter where it is.”

In terms of exactly where we can expect to see the shows, McCarthy didn’t reveal anything: “This is our first formal step but we’ve been having informal conversations, none that we can share.” The full interview can be read here.

Are you excited for the reboots or do you think they should leave the classics untouched? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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  1. Can’t wait for Daria to return!!! In high school, I wanted to be just like her. Im going to binge the original to refresh my memory on a couple things.

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