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Funko Announces New ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Pop Figures

Star Wars collectors rejoice for Funko has finally granted one of our longest wishes! The company’s Pop! figure line has experienced a boom in consumer demand over the past few years. To no one’s surprise, Star Wars takes the title of having one of the largest lines of figures that only keeps growing as the seasons pass by. Funko has only really scratched some of the surfaces when it comes to crafting the universe in Pop! form. Fans such as myself always pitch in ideas on what we would like to purchase next and even though it took them some time- the company has finally given us some special results. Yes, they have officially announced the first wave of figures from the hit animated show Star Wars: The Clone Wars!


Via Funko

This first wave features Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi in the uniforms they sported as Jedi generals for the republic. The younger version of Yoda seen in the show will also be included along with two versions of Anakin’s apprentice Ashoka Tano. Her in the outfit she sports in the later seasons of The Clone Wars will be a common release while she in the outfit she wore during the early seasons and the animated film will be exclusive to Hot Topic.

These figures are expected to hit stores in August. The company stated that this is only a wave of figures. Usually, if one wave sells really well then they will follow it with another in due time. So if you want to see more characters from the series go out and buy these figures! It took the company so long to make these so it would be a shame if the fans did not turn out to show love for The Clone Wars. Who else would you like to see from the series in Pop! form? Make sure to let us and Funko know on social media and keep an eye out for these figures in August!

Source: Funko

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