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Jon Bernthal Will Return To ‘The Walking Dead’ For An Episode Of Season 9

Looks like Shane still has something left to say to Rick, as it has been revealed that the actor Jon Bernthal, who played police officer Shane Walsh in the first two seasons of the show, will return to the American zombie-drama series for just one episode in the upcoming season.

While the exact circumstances of his return remain unknown, it’s almost a certainty to discard a “resurrection” type-of-return, as his death was pretty final back in season 2. (You know, with both Rick and Carl killing him in both his human and zombie form).


As Bernthal is the lead in Netflix’ The Punisher, it’s not likely this appearance on the show will be a lasting one, so putting him as a regular character is a no go. However, this could all be a flashback or a hallucination as Rick is preparing to say goodbye (Andrew Lincoln is set to leave the show in season 9), maybe to say goodbye to his former best friend, maybe to announce his end is coming (a la Grey’s Anatomy) or any other number of possibilities in that realm.

Season 9 is eyeing a lot of changes, both in front and behind the scenes, as Lincoln is not the only one who’s leaving, Lauren Cohan will be exiting the show as well, and showrunner Scott M. Gimple will be in charge of overseeing the Walking Dead franchise and it will be Angela Kang’s (who has been with the series since season two) turn to be in charge of the show.

What do you think about this news? What are your theories about Shane’s appearance on The Walking Dead?
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Source: The Hollywood Reporter.

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