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Ellie is The Last of Us Part II’s Only Playable Character

Naughty Dog had a big showing at E3 2018 with The Last of Us Part II opening PlayStation’s press conference. Several days later and the lengthy gameplay trailer continues to garner buzz. Therefore, new details both big and small are spreading like wildfire. The latest bit of information concerns the sequel’s lead character, Ellie.

During a behind closed doors demonstration, IGN asked Naughty Dog if other characters were playable as well. The title’s co-lead game designer, Richard Cambier, offered the PR take: “We aren’t saying anything about that yet.” Meanwhile, creative director Neil Druckmann responded more openly. “Ellie is the only playable character in the game,” he reportedly said.

Given Druckmann’s willingness to answer in such a fashion means this could act as a red-herring. After all, no one predicted that The Last of Us would feature a chapter with Ellie as playable. But maybe he’s telling the truth. Perhaps there is no secret worth keeping in this regard.

This, then, begs the question of what role Joel plays this time around. Apart from the sequel’s reveal trailer at PSX 2016, the series’ first lead has been absent in the promotional material. However, he did receive an indirect mention in this year’s E3 walkthrough. So maybe he’s just that, Ellie’s “old man.” The wait to find out will certainly be a while as the studio is not yet ready to talk release dates.

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