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Marvel Television Loses Co-Head As Jim Chory Exits

One major shake-up at Marvel television has just been revealed by Deadline. The company has now lost one of its co-heads with the departure of Jim Chory. You might not immediately recognize his name, but he has helped build the company to what it is today from the very beginning along Jeph Loeb. Many see comicbook writer Jeph Loeb as the godfather of Marvel Television for his longtime producing and creative planning. He has been often called the Kevin Feige (President of Marvel Studios) of Marvel Television. These comments hold weight, but Chory played just as an important role as Loeb.


Jeph Loeb at SDCC 15′

Chory is a multi Emmy-nominated producer who has executive producing credit on every single live-action program that has sprouted from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He also has this same credit on some shows that have thrived outside of the MCU (Legion for example). He has been a strong presence helping Loeb steer the company wheel by overseeing all physical productions. Together they have birthed ten shows for the company. This counts all the programs that have aired on ABC, Netflix, Hulu, FX, and Fox. He does not have credit on Cloak & Dagger.

The site is reporting that Chory has been now gone for a few weeks and that he left on good terms. He saw that now was a good time to leave considering that there are no greenlit shows or pilots planned in the upcoming months. However, the company is at work on numerous shows both for television and for Disney’s upcoming streaming service.  What does his departure mean to you if you are a fan of Marvel TV?  It is worth knowing that the company has just lost a previous long-term productive force. Will his departure cause for some projects in development to get pushed to a further date? The answer will not seem clear until we know when we are getting another television announcement for new content. One could place a safe bet on this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. When do you think we will get these updates? Let us know on social media and say tuned for all updates on Marvel TV!

Source: Deadline

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