‘Lucifer’ Finds New Home on Netflix for Season Four

The devil works hard, but Netflix clearly works harder and that hard work has paid off yet again. Fans of the TV show Lucifer can rejoice as the streaming giant has just garnered the rights to the show and will be making a fourth season.

Previously owned by Fox, Lucifer chronicles the adventures of the devil, Lucifer Morningstar as he ditches his life in hell for life in Los Angeles where he doubles as a nightclub owner and unexpectedly a consultant for the LAPD. The series initially received mixed reviews from critics during the first season, but the second and third were more favorably received: including praise toward the show’s style of humor and at the performance of actor Tom Ellis who plays the titular character.

The series’ official Twitter account were the ones to share the happy news and the tweet in question can be seen below.


No major details about the season have been revealed yet, but it has been announced that the fourth season will consist of ten episodes.

Are you a Lucifer fan? Are you happy that the series has found a new home? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!



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