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‘Incredibles 2’ Breaks Record Of Highest Opening Weekend For An Animated Film

Incredibles 2 is exactly what Disney needed after the disappointing box office turnout for the last tentpole film released under their brand, Solo: A Star Wars Story. Yes, the two films were made by different studios, but both still fall under the Disney owned brand. Disney’s opening weekend predictions for the latest Pixar hit were estimated to be between $160-$170 million. It turns out their estimates were modest for Variety is now reporting that the sequel actually reached around $182 million. These numbers will grant Incredibles 2 the record of the highest opening weekend of all time for an animated film.


Image via Disney/Pixar

The previous film to hold this record was Finding Dory. That film brought in $135 million with its opening weekend. The estimates already had Incredibles 2 surpassing this record, but it is now clear that the gap is larger than what was already expected. The film gathered $18.5 million in Thursday evening previews alone. Friday then gave the film a whopping $71.5 million. It is basically Disney/Pixar one-upping themselves like they usually do, but this could set a new bar to which animated films get held to.

The animation field does not usually get held to the same standards as other films that are either taken more seriously or given more attention. These opening numbers for Incredibles 2 prove that this could change in the distant future. General audiences obviously pay attention to this field and treat it as equally as the rest of cinema. The long wait for an Incredibles sequel definitely played a role with this huge success. There are only two more things for one to do now. The first is to go see Incredibles 2 in theaters; the second is to place bets on if there is going to be a third film and when it would be released. Is there going to be another long wait to try to repeat another record-breaking turnout? Tell us your thoughts on our social media and make sure to stay tuned for all Disney and Pixar related news!

Source: Variety 

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