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Tom King Announces New DC Limited Series ‘Heroes in Crisis’

Batman writer Tom King is teaming up with Clay Mann for Heroes in Crisis, a seven issue limited series that will explore how DC’s Heroes deal with grief and loss that comes with being a superhero as they investigate a murder mystery.

Heroes in Crisis will introduce The Sanctuary, a superhero crisis center established by Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman using Kryptonian technology, Amazonian magic and Bruce Wayne’s money. King, a former counterterrorism operations officer with the CIA, will use this series to reflect on the violence that superheroes must encounter regularly and how that violence effects everyone around them.


Heroes In Crisis Cover Source: EW

King stated “If I could do anything to the DCU, it would be to bring a sense of community of superheroes and people. I feel a duty to talk about what violence does to a society through the comics I’m creating.”

The official description of the series is below.

“Heroes in Crisis is not a tale of universes colliding and dying. Instead this is a story centering on the humans and superhumans under the mask; this is about what allows them to get up and fight when it appears they can’t ever get up and fight again. When it’s too much, and it’s often too much, heroes go to Sanctuary — created by Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman — to find a moment of safety before returning to a universe of violence. Heroes in Crisis is also about what happens when Sanctuary fails, resulting in catastrophic consequences for the DCU.”

Are you excited to read Heroes in Crisis? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: EW 


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