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Sony Purchases Film Scripts from Rising Latina Writer Emilia Serrano

Sony Pictures has been making headlines as of late after releasing the trailer for the animated film Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse and the highly anticipated live action Marvel film starring Tom Hardy, Venom. That streak will continue but this time it’s a leap in the right direction for behind the camera.

A report from Variety confirms that Sony Pictures has purchased two scripts from Latina screenwriter Emilia Serrano. Serrano is a TV writer who has worked on shows like Cristela and The Finder. Her writing style is heavily influenced by her upbringing in the Bay Area and being the daughter of Mexican immigrants. The two scripts will be her first venture into the world of feature films.

The first script is called The Throwdown and centers on two Latina American cousins who find themselves clashing after inheriting their family restaurant and their late grandfather’s family recipes. The film is banking on being a “different” type of food fight by exploring the effects of gentrification in the food industry while also exploring themes of tradition and the importance of family.

The second script is untitled but tells the story of a career driven Latina who never celebrated her Quinceañera at the age of 15. So she invites her family and best friends to a work trip disguised as a double quince for her 30th birthday that can potentially jeopardize her job and her relationships.

It is refreshing to see Sony Pictures showing interest in stories written by a woman of color that are also centered around women of color. Do the plots of these films sound like something you want to see? Are you excited at the potential of Hollywood films giving the Latin American community more presence on the big screen? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

SOURCE: Variety

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