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The Division 2 Gets New Trailer and Spring 2019 Release Date

The Division 2’s announcement is now three month old, but Xbox’s E3 conference has offered fans their first look at the forthcoming sequel. During the event, a gameplay walkthrough with a runtime of over six minutes formally debuted The Division 2 and its Washington, D.C. setting. Check it out below:

It’s beautiful and full of action, but there’s still so much we have yet to learn about this Tom Clancy entry. At first glance, though, it seems as if one issue from the first title may have been adjusted for the franchise’s second run. Enemies appear to require less damage to takedown, meaning The Division 2 may have solved its predecessor’s bullet sponge issue. With details remaining so scarce, we can only hope that such a change doesn’t exclusively apply to the above gameplay demo.

Accompanying the lengthy walkthrough is also a release date. The ides of March will be a cause for celebration as The Division 2 launches on March 15, 2019.

The Division 2 Courtesy of Ubisoft

The Division 2 Courtesy of Ubisoft

More details are bound to surface from Ubisoft’s E3 conference, which begins June 11 at 4pm EST. In the mean time, share your thoughts on the gameplay reveal in the comments.

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