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‘Unravel Two’ Was Announced and Is Available Today

During a segment to promote EA’s new independent gaming initiative, the company announced that Unravel Two has not only been in production but is finished and available to play today.


Unravel Two finds Yarny lost at sea, finding a fellow yarn creature to help him as he travels through wilderness after crashing, hoping to find both their ways to safety. Gameplay was shown during the conference, which revealed that Unravel Two features local co-op, allowing players to either team up to control both creatures, or to control both themselves.

Yarny and his friend can join together to become one being and pull apart to solve puzzles as two entities. The entire game’s puzzles are designed to incorporate this teamwork mechanic, requiring players to work together to overcome obstacles.

The surprise announcement came with news that Unravel Two is out now available to play on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Source: EA

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