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EA Announces Release Date for ‘Anthem’

After nearly 4 years of anticipation, BioWare’s robo-roleplaying game Anthem finally has a release date. Expect Anthem to come to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on February 22, 2019.

Along with a release date, EA finally gave some information about the secretive title, including offering a Q&A on stage with some of the game’s development team.

The game will mix together single-player and multiplayer experiences through changing how the day/night cycle progresses when you play with other players, versus when you return to your base. Multiplayer will be a choice for players to make – it’s possible to play Anthem all the way through as a single player.

We got to see the different versions of suits in the gameplay preview: Interceptors (speedy, small, and good for quick missions), Rangers (versatile, and good for multiple types), Storms (a long ranger caster-type), and Colossus (a brute-like powerhouse). Players can use microtransactions to customize their suits and choose their favorites for individual missions.

We also got to see a new cinematic trailer for Anthem, showing off more of its beautiful, expansive world.


What’s most exciting is that it looks players will get to have the first successful chance at playing Iron Man in a game in a long time. What’s your suit of choice? Let us know in the comments and keep up with Geeks of Color all week for more E3 news!

Source: EA

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