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‘The Magnificent Seven’ All-Women Fancast

The past calendar year has been huge for female characters on the big screen. With the arrival of Ocean’s Eight, which features a main cast of kick-ass women, I thought it would be a good idea to recast a film with a majority male cast and gender-bend it.  Wanting to see some of my favourites get rough and tumble in the wild west, I went with a The Magnificent Seven remake directed by Antoine Fuqua (and it’s also in keeping with the numbers theme).  So without further ado, here’s the fancast!



Viola Davis as Sam Chisholm

Sam Chisholm is a United States Marshal warrant officer from Wichita, Kansas and the leader of the Seven.  Now, my humble opinion is that there is nothing that Viola Davis cannot do. While we’ve seen her master the art of butt-whooping as Lila Walcott in Lila & Eve and as Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad, it would be great to see her do so decked out in some Western gear. In addition to the action element of the role, Davis would definitely be able to knock the more sensitive aspects of Chisholm’s character out of the park.


Rachel McAdams as Joshua Faraday

Joshua Faraday is a gambler with a penchant for card tricks and explosives. If any of you have had the pleasure of seeing Rachel McAdams in Game Night, you’d know she has the comedy chops to pull off Chris Pratt’s role as Faraday with ease. I’d love to see McAdams in an action role since it’s one of the genres she hasn’t really tackled yet, and oftentimes, I feel as though McAdams is underrated. I’d just love to see her in more things so why not in an all-female remake of The Magnificent Seven?!


Ashley Callingbull as Red Harvest

Red Harvest is an exiled Comanche warrior and the youngest of the group. He is silent but deadly and is one of the Seven’s most formidable. Ashley Callingbull is an Indigenous philanthropist and activist, who is also a great actress and starred in the series Blackstone. Also having competed on The Amazing Race Canada with her father Joel and finishing in the top three, the physical aspects of the character would likely be a breeze for Callingbull. She would most definitely put her all into the role of Red Harvest.


Sarah Paulson as Goodnight Robicheaux

Goodnight Robicheaux is a former Confederate soldier and sharpshooter. Often troubled by the things he’s done in his past, Robicheaux is probably one of the most complex characters of the Seven. When I watched the film and was trying to get a grasp of which actress would be best suited for this character, Sarah Paulson instantly came to mind. Paulson has great range, could certainly work a southern accent, and bring Robicheaux’s vulnerability to life.


Sandra Oh as Billy Rocks

Billy Rocks is the Korean companion of Robicheaux and is also a knife-wielding assassin. Sandra Oh is an exceptional actress and I believe she could pull off the role of Rocks easily. I mean, have you seen her in Killing Eve? Only this time around, Oh will hang up her MI5 credentials and be playing the assassin instead of chasing one down. Just picture it — it would definitely be amazing!


Queen Latifah as Jack Horne

As a religious tracker and mountain dweller, Jack Horne is one of the Seven’s most interesting characters. Always with a prayer at the ready in time of need, I can see Queen Latifah rocking the role of the strong and devout Horne. Latifah always brings some of her own originality to her various roles, and I believe she could do the same with Horne while making the character her own.


Eiza Gonzalez as Vasquez

Having been on the run from Mexican authorities for months, Vasquez is one of the group’s most mysterious characters. This is definitely an element of the role that I can see Eiza Gonzalez pulling off with ease. We’ve seen Gonzalez stealing scenes most recently in Baby Driver, and most assuredly she can do it again as Vasquez in The Magnificent Seven.

Well, that’s it for The Magnificent Seven fancast (graphics made by yours truly). I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed putting it together. I hope you’ll head out this weekend to support the women-led Ocean’s 8!

Also, don’t forget to let me know what you think about the fancast in the comment section below! Be sure to follow Geeks of Color on Twitter for more exciting fancasts, articles and more.

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