We have entered June, meaning it is officially PRIDE month so we should all be preparing for tons of parades, events and other queer-oriented things including the return of one of the queerest shows to hit TV Sense8, the series finale of which is set to be released on Netflix on June 8th. PRIDE is about celebrating those of us who are discriminated against for no reason besides whom they love and companies usually roll out various promotions to show their support in the fight for equality.

Gaming giant Sony has quietly released a new theme called “For All the Players” which is now available on the PlayStation Store. The theme changes all menu icons into colorful versions of themselves and a large rainbow-colored version of the PlayStation logo appears at the top of the screen and the words “all the players” appears at the bottom.


Sony released the design for the first time last July but it was only available for European PS4 owners then as that’s when London Pride takes place and the company will probably release it for them again next month when it rolls around again.

Have you downloaded the theme already or plan to? How are you celebrating PRIDE this month? Tell us your plans in the comments below!

source: polygon.com

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