‘Killing Eve’ Season One Ratings Consistently Soar

BBC America’s Killing Eve has been out for almost two months now and still its ratings continue to grow.  A month ago, the show’s trend showed great promise as ratings revealed that the show was becoming quite the hit.

Even more telling of the show’s success is the fact that it was quickly renewed for a second season before the pilot even aired.  And when the pilot was finally released, it became the most watched digital episode in network history.  And the renewal was ultimately not in vain; at the end of May, the show surged in weekly growths.  The season finale raked in 1.25 million viewers, a 86% increase from the viewership of the pilot.

killingeve2Photo via BBC America

This show has been highly rated across the board, with Metacritic claiming it to be the best reviewed dramas of the year and Rotten Tomatoes declaring it Certified Fresh with a score of 95%.

BBCA_KE_108-epPhoto via BBC America

If you haven’t watched it yet, this may encourage viewers to give it a shot.  After all, with the entirety of the first season out, there’s time to binge before the second season premieres.

The show stars Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer.  It is created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge and is based on the novellas by Luke Jennings.

killing-eve-season-2-announcementPhotos via BBC America

Do you watch this show?  What do you think about its success?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Deadline


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