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Dave Bautista to Star in Action/Comedy ‘Dogtown’

Dave Bautista’s star continues to rise, this time as the lead in the action/comedy Dogtown which is a live action adaption based on the comic book series Body Bags, Deadline is reporting.

Bautista is set to play a bounty hunter named Mack Delgado whose reputation allows him to be dubbed a “body bagger”. Things take a turn when the teenage daughter he never knew he had shows up on his doorstep, hoping to reconnect with the Father she lost a long time ago.

The film will be based on a script written by Kyle Ward who is the screenwriter for John Wick 2. No director is attached to the film and Bautista is the only actor announced in the cast. Although, Bautista is a constant scene stealer in films like Guardians Of The Galaxy and Blade Runner 2049, this will be his first role as the leading man. The film is expected to start production this Fall. Are you a fan of the Body Bags series? Is Dave Bautista the right choice for the role? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

SOURCE: Deadline

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