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5 Best Horror/Thriller Movies Available to Stream Right Now

If you’re a fan of the horror/thriller genres, it’s likely you spend a good majority of your time looking for the next stimulating film to keep you engaged, and leave you feeling terrified. Horror comes in all different shapes and sizes, and this list is here to assist you in finding that feeling of terror you’ve been searching for. In no particular order, here are 5 of the best films available to stream right now through a Netflix, or Amazon Prime subscription.


Source: Bloody Disgusting

1. The Invitation (2015) dir. Karyn Kusama

Written by: Phil Hay

Where to stream: Netflix

The Horror: Without spoiling too much about this film, the plot revolves around Will, and his girlfriend Kira, as they get invited to a dinner party with all their friends by Will’s ex-wife Eden, and her new husband David, who the group hasn’t seen in 2 years, after the death of Will and Eden’s son, Ty. The film starts out somewhat slow, but as the evening progresses, and tensions are heightened, it’ll leave you on the edge of your seat waiting for the resolution. The group of friends are happy, and eager to hang out, except Will, who is constantly on edge, feeling something is…not quite right with the evening. Whether Will’s interpretation of the night is rational, or whether it’s all in his head, I’ll leave for you to find out for yourself.

sacred deer

Source: The Atlantic

2. The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017) dir. Yorgos Lanthimos

Written by: Yorgos Lanthimos, and Efthymis Filippou

Where to stream: Amazon Prime

The Horror: The latest film by Yorgos Lanthimos is as creepy, and thrilling as they come. Lanthimos is also responsible for the films Dogtooth and The Lobster (which is also available to stream on Amazon Prime). The title itself is a reference to Eurpides’ play, Iphegenia at Aulis, which is about  Agamemnon sacrificing his daughter to appease the goddess Artemis before they set sail for the Trojan War. The film is loaded with tragic irony, and serves as an incredible homage to its namesake. The film itself is about Steven Murphy, a skilled cardiac surgeon, whose life begins to unravel as his family starts to mysteriously fall ill one by one. Past mistakes come back to haunt Murphy, and watching his maddening search to save his family has the perfect balance of psychological horror, and dark humor. It’ll also make you never want to go to a doctor again.

evil within

Source; Film Inquiry

3. The Evil Within (2017) dir. Andrew Getty

Written by: Andrew Getty

Where to stream: Amazon Prime

The Horror: I don’t like to be biased, but this is probably my favorite film on this list. The Evil Within is not only admirably precise as a film, but is also visually unique, and gut-wrenchingly personal as a story. The film was largely self-financed by Andrew Getty and took 15 years to complete. It was released in 2017, two years after Getty’s death, and is based largely on his own twisted nightmares he had as a child. The film is also one of the last to feature a performance by Matthew McGrory before his death in 2005. The Evil Within has a long, tenuous history as a film, but remains a master class in storytelling. It centers around a mentally handicapped boy who is taken care of by his brother and is soon haunted by a sinister creature who urges him on in his dreams to engage in dangerous, and sadistic acts. This film is a must-see.

it follows.png

Source; Movies, Films & Flix

4. It Follows (2015) dir. David Robert Mitchell

Written by: David Robert Mitchell

Where to stream: Netflix

The Horror: There aren’t too many films in the horror-genre that actually leave me feeling anxious, and looking over my shoulder, but after the first viewing of It Follows, I have to admit this one succeeded in doing just that. After a sexual encounter goes sideways, Jay is followed by an ominous creature that can only be stopped by sleeping with another person. A lot of horror films rely on jump scares as a tactic to keep you engaged, but It Follows benefits by putting the horror right in front of you. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few jump-scares, but they’re placed thoughtfully and within reason. If you’re a fan of supernatural horror and movie monsters, then It Follows is highly recommended.


Source; Bloody Disgusting

5. Afflicted (2014) dir. Derek Lee, and Clif Prowse

Written by: Derek Lee, and Clif Prowse 

Where to stream: Amazon Prime

The Horror: Nothing warms my heart more than friends making films together. Two friends, traveling the world together, meeting strange people, and engaging in dangerous behavior. What could go wrong? Well…a lot, as it turns out. Afflicted centers around Derek, and Clif’s backpacking adventure around the world after Derek is diagnosed with an AVM that could kill him at any moment. Derek quickly falls ill, however, and things…well, spiral out of control. There are plenty of people who aren’t fans of the found footage genre, but if there’s any found footage film you should see, I definitely would suggest this one. Especially if you want a refreshing change of pace from something like Paranormal Activity. This film is reminiscent of something like Chronicle, but with a scary twist.

There are plenty of horror films out there, and there’s definitely something for everyone. Do the films on this list freak you out? Give the article a share, and inspire some terror in the next fanatic.


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