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PS4 Is Entering The End Of Its Lifecycle, Sony Says


This year will mark the fifth year since the PS4 released and it looks like Sony is already looking to the future. In a Sony Strategy Meeting, which later John Kodera of PlayStation added more comments, Sony is starting to view the PlayStation 4 at the end of its cycle. Kodera later clarified that Sony will start looking into the future over the next three years:

If Sony does wait the three years to release a new console in 2021 this would give the PS4 an 8-year lifespan. Most consoles have the same lifespan so they would be sticking more in line with what has come before. This year the PS4 has The Last of Us, Spider-Man and other exclusives coming out later while having God of War already been released.

So far the PS4 has sold 79 million units while also expecting to sell 16 million during just this year. The PS4 has been winning the console sales race this year while also offering more exclusive games. While the PS5 has not been confirmed all speculation seems to point towards it being announced within the next few years.

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Source: GameSpot

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