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Celebrating 10 years with SHINee #SHINee10thAnniversary

SHINee debuted on May 25, 2008 and has been blessing us with nothing but good music since then. In honor of their 10th Anniversary, I have compiled a list of my favorite SHINee b-sides, one from each Korean release, from over the years.

Real (2008, Replay)

This is from their first mini album and a unanimous favorite in my opinion. This b-side can often be heard in the background of some of SHINee’s variety shows. It’s upbeat and extremely fun to listen to.

Romantic (2008, The SHINee World)

This one is so popular amongst fans that if you were apart of the fandom you would’ve thought it was a promoted song, unfortunately it was not. However, it is a beautiful ballad that showcased their vocal abilities and showed us how hard they were coming even at the beginning of their careers.

Señorita (2009, Romeo)

This is probably one of my favorite SHINee songs of all time. This may have been the first time I ever saw a Kpop group use Spanish in their music (all they say is “Señorita,” but still). With apparent Latin influences, it’s impossible not to move to this one.

Get Down (ft. Luna) (2009, Year Of Us)

Upon the first listen I couldn’t figure out which part Luna sang. In fact I had no idea she was on it at all.

Ready or not (2010, Lucifer)

When I first heard this song I didn’t know what to do. I thought it was the greatest. I had to replay it at least 300 times. Tbh it still is.

Get it (2010, Hello)

One of SHINee’s stand out tracks from the album. Oddly enough it takes the R&B/Trap route unlike any of their other songs. This one was co-written by members Key and Minho. It was also co-written by Gilme of clover & unpretty rapstar.

Alarm Clock (2012, Sherlock)

Fun fact: Minho wrote his own rap for this song & it was also written by Jonghyun.

Beautiful (2013, Dream Girl: The Misconceptions of You)

I remember them promoting this song once or twice but I don’t think it’s a title song. Just like the title, it’s beautiful.

Orgel (2013, Why so Serious?: The Misconceptions of Me)

“Orgel” starts off with an easy marimba and moves to be to be an easygoing R&B record. This was yet another track written by Jonghyun and Minho.

Queen of New York (2013, Everybody)

SHINee released a lot in 2013. However this one is more relaxed and, in my opinion, captures the essence of New York.

Trigger (2015, Odd)

Another one of two Trap/R&B songs put out by SHINee. Written by my favorite in-house SM songwriter, Kenzie.

Chocolate (2015, Married to the Music)

This song describes a breathtaking brown skinned lady that makes you dizzy. Yet again another track written by the ever so talented late Kim Jonghyun.

Feel Good (2016, 1Of1)

“Feel Good” starts of slow and easy to listen to. It builds up as it gets to the chorus and drops to an infectious mid-tempo beat that you can’t stop playing.

Rescue (2016, 1 and 1)

From the repackage of 1Of1. I loved this track. Frankly, there aren’t enough words available in the English language to describe these songs so please just listen to them.

Honorable mention: Seesaw (2012, SHINee World– 1st concert)

Can this be considered a b-side since it was on their live album? And technically it was originally from their first Japanese album. I have no idea but this list would be invalid without it.

For 10 years SHINee has been releasing good music consistently. I would like thank them for everything that they have done musically. They have gotten myself and many others through the good times and hard times. Everything they have done has meant something to me and I wouldn’t take any of it for granted. I wish the the absolute best in their future endeavors and pray for longevity. 5HINee Forever.

Every single SHINee song from my list is available to be streamed/purchased on Spotify and iTunes on SHINee’s official pages.

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