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Big Beach and Tanya Saracho Developing Series About Four Afro-Caribbean/Latinx Witches Called ‘Brujas’

Big Beach is an American production company that is barely getting widespread recognition by some despite their activity in the industry that spans over the past ten years. The independent company is best known for their low budget comedy-dramas including Little Miss Sunshine, Our Idiot Brother, and Safety Not Guaranteed. The studio recently gained more attention from the 2016 film Loving, which was co-produced by Raindog Films. Loving told the story of two lovers that became the subject of a 1967 U.S Supreme Court case challenging interracial marriage. Deadline has now learned that the company is aiming to continue this practice of telling important stories about people of color in television- this time with help from Tanya Saracho.

Tanya Saracho is a Chicago playwright best known for her producing and writing credit on ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder. Saracho is credited as the sole creator on the new Starz program Vida. The show tells the story of two Mexican-American sisters who struggle with their differences when they return to their old neighborhood in East Los Angeles. It is fair to say that Saracho has experience telling meaningful stories revolving around people of color. This is why Big Beach has recruited her fresh talents in being the main showrunner for their next television show Brujas.


Saracho via the Chicago Tribune

Deadline is reporting that Brujas will be about four Afro-Caribbean/Latinx women living in Chicago. The show will focus on the growth of the community born out of the Bruja movement. The brujería counter-culture will be the foundation of the show. For those not knowledgeable with this movement, it is a practice in which latinx feminists reconnect and honor their heritage through music, style, and art. Indenginious culture is very well represented in these methods throughout various parts of the globe. Feminity and human strength are celebrated as being one in the same here. This being set in Chicago of all places in the U.S already makes for an interesting and powerful pitch for a show. The only questions now are who the cast will be and what television studio will be bold enough to distribute it?

Besides being the main showrunner, Saracho will also serve as an executive producer alongside Big Beach. Brujas is still in early development so more production and casting news will surely come in the following months. If this idea already brings one’s interest- then they should check out and support Saracho’s current show Vida on Starz. It would not hurt to check out a show with Latina leads to hype them up for a show about Afro-Caribbean/Latinx women. The fact that I could type that sentence is a blessing that should not be taken for granted when it comes to television. How excited are you for Brujas? Make sure to let us know on social media and take time to check out Vida on Starz!

Source: Deadline

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