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Lionsgate Hires ‘John Wick’ Director Chad Stahelski for ‘Analog’ Adaptation

Lionsgate has arisen as the winner in a bidding war for an Analog film which is set to be based on the Image Comic by writer Gerry Duggan and artist David O’Sullivan of the same name. Ryan Condal, the creator of USA’s alien invasion series Colony, will pen the script while Chad Stahelski of John Wick is set to direct. The film is set to be produced by 87eleven, which Stahelski co-owns with David Leitch while Duggan is set to share a ‘story by’ credit with Condal.

Set in the near-future, Analog, tells of an era where the security of the internet has been rendered useless thanks to a catalyst known as the Great Doxxing. In order to deal with the issues of the time, the civilians turn to people they believe they can trust called Ledger Men who are specialized agents that carry delicate secrets the good old-fashioned way: in a briefcase handcuffed to one hand while a loaded gun is carried in the other.

Stahelski is currently shooting John Wick: Chapter 3 and Condal, who worked on the script for the Dwayne John monster movie Rampage, is currently working on a Conan the Barbarian series for Amazon.

Have you read Analog? Are you John Wick fan and excited to see what Stahelski does with this new project? Tell us how you feel about it in the comments below!


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