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GOC Comic Review: Justice League: No Justice #1

Justice League: No Justice #1

Written by: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV & Joshua Williamson

Art by: Francis Manapul

Published by: DC Comics (May 8, 2018)

Mystery, Wisdom, Entropy and Wonder – the elements believed to be the dominant powers of intelligent life according to the Omega Titans and also the names of the new Justice League teams that have been assembled by one of their greatest foes, Brainiac…

*Please note: there are spoilers ahead if you haven’t read Justice League: No Justice #1*


Green Lantern Corps

Tasked with keeping the peace across 3,600 sectors of space, the Green Lantern Corps is about to face a threat unlike any they’ve ever seen before in brightest day and blackest night. With every ring toter in the universe surrounding the threat, the Lanterns have to work quickly in order to figure out just what they can do to keep the enemies contained – just how they will do that with the Justice League ‘breaking the damn universe’, the rule book has to be thrown out the window.

The Suicide Squad, the Titans, the Teen Titans & Amanda Waller

Three very different teams, all trying to take on the bad guys while the nefarious Amanda Waller watches closely. With all three teams receiving the full onslaught of Brainiac’s assault, Waller tries to figure out how the villain seems to be coming at these   teams from different locations and the necessity to find the real Brainiac intensifies. Once his true location has been triangulated, Waller tells her team to initiate Protocol XI.

The Justice League

Of course, the Justice League have the pleasure of the real Brainiac’s attack. Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, Flash, Superman, and Wonder Woman take the heaviest assault of any of the teams and while they try to fight Brainiac off, he tells them: “Hear me when I say that you are not prepared for what you’ve unleashed.” Of course, the team is unwilling to trust the enemy, but when Brainiac shows Superman the real danger they are in. Still reluctant, Superman has to make a split-second decision as Brainiac’s ship takes hold of the other Justice League members.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 2.53.16 PM

Justice League: No Justice #1 (Art by Francis Manapul, via Previews World)

Brainiac’s Ship

With the Suicide Squad, Titans, Teen Titans, and some other members of the DC superhero family, including Zatanna, Doctor Fate, and Martian Manhunter now being held captive on Brainiac’s ship, it’s suffice to say that some drama ensues between the eclectic group of heroes. Unsure of what to do and arguments breaking out all around the ship, the group isn’t silenced until Brainiac arrives with the Justice League in tow. Brainiac tell them all that they are “among allies” and as many are wary of the antagonist’s motives, he holds onto Wonder Woman’s lasso of Hestia, speaking the truth.

It is now up to Brainiac to tell the heroes about the tale of four brothers, the most dangerous and powerful cosmic gods – the Omega Titans – with each one embodying the powers of entropy, wisdom, wonder and mystery, respectively. Revealing that the Titans arrived on his home world of Colu with one of them about to consume his world because of the source wall breaking.

Brainiac needs the help of not only the heroes but their enemies as well, much to the dismay of the heroes who will not easily trust the likes of Lex Luthor, Etrigan, Deathstroke, Lobo, Starro and Sinestro. But, based on Brainiac’s calculations, the group has to be split up into teams that most resemble the sentient forces of entropy, wisdom, wonder and mystery in order to stop the Omega Titans. With no other choice but to band together, the teams are created with much resistance – but there is no other way.

In the meantime, back on earth – Protocol XI has been initiated by Waller. With a kidnapped task force of the world’s most powerful telepaths, it’s time to attack Brainiac – but what will this ultimately cost?

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 2.52.47 PM

Justice League: No Justice #1 (Art by Francis Manapul, via Previews World)

GOC Review

Justice League: No Justice is probably one of DC’s most highly anticipated events. After the events of Dark Nights: Metal, nothing is the same and that is plain to see with this Justice League overhaul. In this four issue weekly mini-series, we are getting acquainted with a brand new Justice League lineup and it’s brilliantly written by Snyder, Tynion IV and Williamson. The writing trio has to pack in a lot of content and a lot of characters in the first issue and somehow, still manage to give the characters their shine; even if only for a singular moment.

The art by Francis Manapul adds to the book’s already dynamic narrative. With many panels that add to the element of just how huge the Omega Titans are, as well as encompassing the sheer size of all the teams locked down in one place. It’s an intelligent use of space and most definitely captures your attention visually. Mix that artwork with Hi-Fi’s impressive colours, and you have one of the most artistically beautiful books available right now, bar none.

I look forward to seeing the heroes and villains branch off into their respective teams of Wisdom, Mystery, Entropy and Wonder. I am so glad that this is a weekly series, so I don’t have to wait too long between books to get my fix. I give Justice League: No Justice #1 four golden lassoes of Hestia out of five!

Justice League: No Justice #1 is available in-stores now, with issue #2 arriving this Wednesday. Be sure to grab them both!

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