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Toho is planning a Godzilla Cinematic Universe

Due to the recent success of Godzilla films, Toho will begin creating a brand new Godzilla Cinematic Universe. However, it seems that one of the arguably best Godzilla sequels will not be included in the universe.

In a recent interview with Nikkei Style, Keiji Ota, the “Chief Godzilla Officer” at Toho, the company that owns the nuclear monster, discussed the plans for the future of Godzilla and the upcoming cinematic Universe.

Ota states that “after 2021, we’re thinking of a potential strategy that [releases] Godzilla movies uninterrupted at a rate of every 2 years, although there is a preference for a yearly pace as well.”

In addition, as stated before, The sequel to Shin Godzilla, directed by Hideaki Anno to massive acclaim in 2016, won’t be a part of those plans. Ota said of the film, “Shin Godzilla was a huge hit, but instead of thinking of doing the obvious idea of making a Shin Godzilla 2, instead think about a world that can be used for a long time. I’d rather make a World of Godzilla.”

Are you excited for the future of Godzilla and are you excited to see a Godzilla Cinematic Universe? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Io9

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