The award-winning, BAFTA nominated, indie sensation The Banner Saga is available now in the Nintendo Switch eShop. The Norse-themed tactical RPG puts players in complete control of the story, with each decision having a meaningful effect on how the story unfolds. Every battle is an engaging tactical experience where even in victory you may have to sacrifice a beloved character. Paired with stunning hand-drawn combat sequences and animations, it’s easy to become engulfed in Banner Saga‘s fantasy.


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Noting the strategic similarities between Banner Saga and the hit Nintendo title Fire Emblem, the general manager of Versus Evil, Steve Escalante was excited to bring the title to the Switch.

“For years amazing games like Fire Emblem, which the Banner Saga has been compared to many times over, have set the bar high on Nintendo hardware. Banner Saga has been in great company as an award winning Strategy Game and truly compliments the Nintendo gamer.”

Including the Nintendo Switch, Banner Saga is now available on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and mobile devices. Banner Saga 2 is expected to come to Switch later this year, in preparation for Banner Saga 3‘s launch on July 24th. Look forward to our review of the Banner Saga coming later this week!

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