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‘Resident Evil 7’ Is Coming to the Japanese Nintendo eShop

In a surprise announcement, Capcom has revealed that Resident Evil 7 will be streaming to the Nintendo Switch – so far, on the Japanese eShop only. The release, surprisingly enough, is coming at the end of this week.

The game file itself will be only 45 MB (a blessing for the Switch’s limited capacity), because players will be required to stream it via the cloud. It’ll need a constant Wi-Fi or wired connection to play it properly, which means players that can’t get a steady connection probably shouldn’t purchase the game.


On the plus side, this means the game is selling for about $20. If you haven’t played Resident Evil 7, it merges together many of the action elements that players have come to love and expect from the series, while also incorporating some of the pure horror aesthetics that are characteristic to Silent Hill.

This release could mean some promising things for Nintendo, that’s they’re open to cloud-streamed games. For now, it’s unclear how these services will meld with the Nintendo Online Service that’s set to debut in September.

Resident Evil 7, known as Biohazard Cloud Version is launching on the Japanese eShop this Thursday. We’ll keep you updated if this changes, and the game receives a worldwide release!

Source: Kotaku

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