Rinko Kikuchi Joins Cast Of ‘Westworld’ In First Look Photos for Future Episodes

The current season of Westworld is off to an adrenaline filled start. Don’t worry, we’re not posting any spoilers but if you haven’t been watching — you might want to catch up. As the main characters’ stories continue to unfold, their adventure is taking them outside of the park the audience has been more familiar with and into one of the other parks.. Shogun World!

Shogun World was teased in an episode in Westworld’s first season giving audiences an idea of what the other parks may be like. HBO has also released a few stills from its upcoming fifth episode that would put Shogun World at the center of the story. Check out the photos below:

With the introduction of Shogun World, we can also expect some new faces to grace our TV screens in the form of Rinko Kikuchi and Hiroyuki Sanada. Rinko will be playing a character named Akane and Sanada will portray a character named Musashi, both are hosts of their game world. We were already briefly introduced to Sanada’s character at the tail end of episode three but Rinko’s character will take center stage since episode five, which is titled Akane No Mai, is named after her.

Are you excited to explore more of the universe of Westworld and get to know new characters? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

Westworld airs on Sunday nights at 6pm, only on HBO.


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