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#SOTD: Lil Baby feat. Drake – “Pikachu (No Keys)”

Earlier this month, Drake teased a collaboration with Atlanta rapper Lil Baby. The buzz surrounding the two started to intensify, as a video of the two rappers at an Atlanta club was leaked onto social media. For his part, Lil Baby also decided to fan the flames:


This past weekend, the song “Pikachu” was premiered on OVO Sound Radio and it featured both artists. The song is expected to appear on Lil Baby’s debut album, Harder Than Ever. Drake and Lil Baby trade verses over its slow-burning production by Atlanta’s own Wheezy, discussing how far they’ve come since entering the music industry and what life is like at the top of the game:

The dash, it’s digital, the schedule busy
My head in a hoodie, my shorty a goodie
My cousins are crazy, my cousins like Boogie
Life is amazin’, it is what it should be
Been here for ten but I feel like a rookie

You can buy or stream “Pikachu” on a variety of music services, including Spotify, Apple Music or Google Music. For a list of songs that Geeks Of Color is listening to, you can also check out our Soundcloud and Spotify accounts.

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