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Octopath Traveler Introduces Final Cast Members Cyrus and Ophilia

The final two characters have finally been revealed for Square Enix’s Octopath Traveler. In a new trailer, the Nintendo Switch exclusive highlighted Cyrus and Ophilia, along with new details on the talent system and story mode.

The final two characters seem to serve as healers within the party, bringing with them unique abilities to benefit both in and out of combat. Cyrus’ ability scrutinize allows him to pick the minds of people he meets along his path, uncovering secrets and learning information to assist his quest. Ophilia’s path action, guide, allows her to convince others to join her in travel.

Other than the new additions to the party, the trailer elaborates on talents. Unlike path actions, talents are used in combat situations, ranging from studying a foe to discover weaknesses to concocting an elixir in the midst of battle.

The eight branching stories of Octopath Traveler can all be played in a single playthrough. While players will choose one character at the start of the game to follow, the rest of the cast can be recruited into the party along the way. Players can even swap out travelers to form a party of 4 at any of the taverns they may stumble into on their journey.

Octopatch Traveler is set to release on the Nintendo Switch July 13!

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