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#SOTD: The Internet feat. Kaytranada – “Roll (Burbank Funk)”

In the past few years, we’ve seen solo releases from each member of popular alt-soul band, The Internet. As a prelude to their fourth studio album, they’ve released their first new music as a group since 2015’s Ego Death. The song, “Roll (Burbank Funk)” has an infectious retro groove and thumping bassline, both of which will have listeners bobbing along. To infuse the track with some additional awesomeness, they’ve tapped Montreal funk phenomenon Kaytranada to remix it. Kay’s version bring some of the original’s vibe out of the shadows and into the forefront; ad-libs that were an afterthought in the original become central contributors in the new version. Buttery synths accentuate each chorus, making the song feel like a constant shift between increasing and escalated energies. This is straight up feel-good music, as evidenced by the song’s simple yet straightforward chorus:

Star shine so bright
Hear it in your heart
They’re up so high
Hear it in your heart
I wanna fly
Check your voicemail
Hear your heart go


Much of what makes both Kaytranada and The Internet special can be found on the remix, including Kaytranada’s infectious bassline and The Internet’s airy vocals. Having collaborated with The Internet previously, for the group’s 2015 hit “Girl”, we really hope that this collaboration is part of an ongoing effort that sees Kaytranada working with The Internet more frequently.

You can buy or stream “Roll (Burbank Funk)” on a variety of music services, including SpotifyApple Music or Google Music. For a list of songs that Geeks Of Color is listening to, you can also check out our Soundcloud and Spotify accounts.


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