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Marvel Studios Hires Writers For ‘Eternals’ Film

Marvel Studios currently has audiences all over the world in the palm of their hands. After much world-building, set up, and pay off finally seen in Avengers: Infinity War- moviegoers are dying to see what the studio has in store next. There will probably not be a detailed announcement on Marvel’s “phase 4” of films until the next Avengers sequel will have had time to sink in with viewers. What is known for sure is that a Spider-Man sequel and third Guardians of the Galaxy film are expected to be some of the first films up in the next phase. One can safely assume that obvious sequels to Doctor Strange and Black Panther are also in the works. The studio has already teased fans to expect new franchises expanding their universe in the future, but The Hollywood Reporter has now revealed what one of these new series is going to be.

Get ready to travel further out into the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s cosmos, for an Eternals film is in early stages of development. The MCU has already explored the zaniness, abstract, and colorful side of Marvel Comics’ space in films like Thor: Ragnarok, Infinity War, and of course the GotG series.  Marvel godfather Jack Kirby has also already gotten some of his iconic cosmic artwork infused into the films. The Eternals seem like a logical step for the studio to take considering that their cosmic settings have proven to be popular and that they will not be touching the similar Inhuman characters anytime soon due to their show’s cancellation on ABC.



Matthew K. Firpo


The site is also reporting that Marvel has hired Matthew and Ryan Firpo to draft the first screenplay. The two cousins are starting to spread their creative wings in the industry and are an interesting choice for the Eternals considering how fresh some may still see them. The two are best known for writing Ruin, a spec script that was one of the tops of the 2017 Blacklist. It tells the story of a former Nazi captain who hunts down his former squad to atone for his crimes.



Ryan Firpo


For those unfamiliar with the Eternals from the comics, they are an ancient race of superior beings that possess extreme power. The ancient Celestials of the universe took early life from various planets around the galaxy and experimented on them to create the first gods basically. The Eternals are birthed from Celestial experiments on early earth humans (similar to how the Kree alien race experimented on early humans to birth the Inhumans). From these same experiments, the celestials birthed the Deviants. The mutated deviants of the Eternals joined forces and swore a rivalry with their counterparts that would last centuries. In the comics, Thanos is birthed from Eternals with the deviant gene which explains his physical look. Could this be Marvel’s next space opera? With the Guardians trilogy coming to an end, something will need to take that cosmic slot. How excited are you about further exploring the MCU’s cosmos? Let us know on social media and stay tuned for more updates on the Eternals.

Source: THR

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