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Deadpool 2’s Ryan Reynolds Competes on King of Masked Singer

King of Masked Singer is a creative South Korean television show where a variety of  singers perform on stage, competing in a two-episode arc to move through a series of rounds. Similarly to NBC’s The Voice, the show seeks to prevent any bias from the show’s judges, however they take a different approach; while The Voice chooses to have judges turned away from the performers, King of Masked Singer stipulates that each singer must face the audience but guard their identities. This is done by having the singers wear costumes and masks. Following their final performances, the singers reveal themselves in dramatic fashion. The show has gained quite a following in the Korean market, as it’s become fairly common to see national celebrities and other famous people underneath the entertaining disguises.

You can watch the disguised performance here.

On a recent show, one of the singers performed a competent version of “Tomorrow”, the iconic number that was released on the soundtrack to the hit 1977 musical, Annie. The singer handles all of the highs and lows of the song quite well, leading the audience to become increasingly curious about who was underneath the performer’s colorful unicorn mask and glittering white cape. Shortly after the song ends, the singer slowly begins to lift up the mask and reveals himself to be Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds! As you can imagine, the people in the audience, as well as the judges, lose their minds.


You can watch the reveal here.

Reynolds is currently promoting his newest film, Deadpool 2. In the sequel to the original 2016 blockbuster, Reynolds reprises his role as the wisecracking hero-for-hire, Deadpool. A series of events lead him to align himself with a few others, to protect a boy from the powerful supervillain, Cable. The role of Deadpool is a perfect fit for the actor, who is well known for his humor and delights his fans regularly, with his musings on Twitter.

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