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Treyarch Teases Zombie Mode For Black Ops 4

With the community reveal coming in just a few days, Activision seems to be hinting at what’s to come with Black Ops 4. On Twitter, Treyarch tweeted out a cryptic tweet teasing zombies returning to Black Ops 4.

This isn’t the first time zombies have been teased for Black Ops 4. Earlier in the year, the E3 Twitter account teased about the Zombie mode being at the convention in June. Treyarch was the COD studio that created the series Zombie Mode so it returning again should be no surprise to gamers that it would return again.

This also isn’t the only feature being teased to return again.  Earlier in the year, the pick 10 system which was introduced in Black Ops 2 was also teased to be returning. Perks and Killstreaks have also been teased to return in Black Ops 4. Other than that there isn’t that much known about Black ops 4 till its community reveal event on may 17th.

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