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‘Bob’s Burgers’ Renewed For Season 9 at Fox

The annual television network cancellation spree is currently in high gear. Around this time every year viewers are either rejoicing that they get to see their favorite shows for another season or deciding what to watch next because their shows got canceled. Most will agree that this year was unlike the recent past because of more shows getting cut. If one watches Bob’s Burgers on Fox and has already gotten too much taken away from them- they should have no fear for the show is confirmed to be returning for season nine.


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Deadline confirms that the network has also renewed Family Guy for its seventeenth season. No one was really worried about these two very popular programs getting cut from the schedule. However, this news does bring a new factor into consideration. The last time Bob’s Burgers was renewed, it was granted a bonus two-season order. This time it was only given one more season on renewal. Fans should not take this news to the extreme. Fox is well known for keeping their cartoons alive for an extensive amount of time (except for Futurama). 

The new season is currently in production with an air date to be later announced. The Belcher family will be blessing screens for more time to come. If the show were to ever be at risk of cancellation, one can bet that the internet would not be a pretty place to visit. How excited are you for a new season of Bob’s Burgers? Let us know on social media and make sure to tune in (not pirate) the show when it airs on Fox!

Source: Deadline 


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