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#SOTD: *NSYNC – Space Cowboy (Yippie-Yi-Yay)

Monday April 30th, 2018 also know to many across the web as “It’s gonna be May day”, *NSYNC (finally) received their star on the Hollywood walk of fame. And something happened that every *NSYNC fan has been waiting for since 2013… ALL FIVE members showed up! New fan merch via an amazing pop up store, Ellen, and it really was a day to remember.

Today’s song of the day, ‘Space Cowboy’, comes from the groups third studio album No Strings Attached. In addition to being their most popular album & the best selling album of 2000, it also held the U.S. record for being the fastest selling album for 15 years until 2015. All of these reasons are why I chose a song from it, in addition to ‘Space Cowboy’ just being a highly underrated, underappreciated bop.

Co-written by member JC Chasez, ‘Space Cowboy’ deserves all the credit it doesn’t get. This track is pure brilliance at its finest. From the NASA radio style intro and outro, to a verse from Left eye of TLC! This track just doesn’t disappoint.

The space station radio effect is one of the greatest features of this song. At the very beginning JC says:

Come in, over

Yo, turn me up

I wanna be heard

See, I’m talking bout the future y’all

And the future looks bright

‘specially when we rip in half

The last line is the most interesting. I took it as a play on the new millennium scare. People really thought the world was going to end, yet it’s 18 years later and here we still are. If that did happen, the future would’ve been “dark”. What happens when a crack disrupts the darkness? The light shines through.

This overly ignored masterpiece gives incredibly good advice. For example:

Cause paranoia ain’t the way to live your life from day to day

So leave your doubts and your fears behind

Don’t be afraid at all

Cause up in outer space there’s no gravity to fall

This also stems from the new millennia scare, though I feel this could be applied to anything. Wow, a timeless record. Truly Iconic.

Finally, the Late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, who tragically passed away in a car accident on April 25, 2002, was featured on this more-than-amazing record. She effortlessly raps over the futuristic backtrack, all while delivering one of the best lines in the entire song:

Get *N Sync and put your head to the sky

Keep the faith

One love from Left Eye

R.I.P Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes May 27, 1971 – April 25, 2002.

See? A good few reasons to be song of the day right? If you don’t agree I’m sorry to say that at this point there’s not much I can do to help you. And on that note…

Riprock, AG, end of transmission

They’ve had enough

*NSYNC’s Album No Strings Attached is available to be streamed on Spotify and purchased on iTunes.



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