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#SOTD: Alina Baraz – “I Don’t Even Know Why Though”

For the past few years, singer/songwriter Alina Baraz has been quietly readying herself for her moment. Following her appearances at a variety of music festivals, her 2015 collaborative effort with electronic producer Galimatias (on the critically acclaimed project Urban Flora), as well as her recent EP, The Color Of You, she’s been dutifully working on the material for her first solo studio album. One of the first singles to drop from The Color Of You is the tantalizing, “I Don’t Even Know Why Though,” a sexy record that finds Baraz reflecting about falling into the traps that can come with love and relationships. Though, she does not understand why she keeps allowing herself to do so.

High hopes, I fall for the cycle
High low, I’m on a spiral
Love me, wide open then leave me
I don’t…I don’t even know why though

Aside from its clever Mint Condition sample, the experiences that Baraz sings about in “I Don’t Even Know Why Though” are extremely relatable, and that is a significant reason that the song is clawing its way up the charts. Love can make us do a lot of things that seem utterly ridiculous when viewed with hindsight, and many of us have made compromises for that person that logic and reason tell us not to. Baraz delivers a modern twist on this fundamental principle of Soul/R&B music.

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