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Margot Robbie Wants Harley Quinn Spin-Off To Be An “R-Rated Girl Gang Film”

Margot Robbie is in the midst of working on a Harley Quinn spin-off film and with the recent announcement that the film, which will feature Harley and the Birds of Prey, would be directed by Cathy Yan, the wheels have finally been set in motion.

While doing press for her most recent film, Terminal, Robbie was interviewed by Moviefone and the outlet asked the actress about the upcoming Harley Quinn film.

Robbie spoke about the necessity for a female director and what she hopes to get in terms of the film. Speaking with Moviefone, Robbie said, “I’ve been working on this for three years now and, from the beginning, I wanted to make an R-rated girl gang film and we needed a female director.”


Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad (courtesy of Warner Bros.)

Robbie continued and has nothing but glowing words for Cathy Yan, “The best director always wins, whether male or female, it’s more about who understands the character the best. But given how few opportunities female directors get, particularly on these big budget films, I thought it was our duty to put more effort into exploring female directors than male ones. Definitely not to exclude male directors, but put more effort into exploring female directors. So we looked at both male and female directors and Cathy was the best.”

Wanting an “authentically female perspective” for the film, Robbie and Yan will be joined by Christina Hodson who wrote the upcoming Bumblebee movie and replaced Joss Whedon to write for the DCEU’s Batgirl film.

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Currently, there is no date set for the upcoming Birds of Prey film featuring Harley Quinn.

Source: Moviefone


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