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‘Bright’ Sequel Starring Will Smith Finds Writer

After director David Ayer and screenwriter Max Landis parted ways due to creative differences concerning the sequel for the Netflix original fantasy film Bright, audiences began to wonder who would take on the task to scribe the next film. A report from THR confirms that Evan Stiliotopolous has been chosen.

Evan is the mind behind the scripts for The Hunstman: Winter’s War and Disney’s live action fairytale, Beauty and the Beast. The film’s leading men Will Smith and Joel Edgerton are slated to return for the sequel as well as David Ayer who will be returning to the director’s chair. Evan has a unique voice in the realm of fantasy storytelling so we are anxious to see how his words will come to life on the screen.

The highly anticipated sequel is sure to continue the story set in a modern day Los Angeles where Faires, Elves, Orcs and Humans live amongst each other but dont quite get along. The film serves as a metaphor for race-relations in the world today. Are you excited for this film? Where are you hoping the story will go next? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

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