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GOC Comic Reviews: ‘Batman #46’


Batman #46
Written by Tom King
Art by Tony S. Daniel
Inks by Sandu Florea and colours by Tomu Morey


George R.R. Martin step aside, Tom King has written something no one saw coming, and it will leave you shocked and muttering “what?” under your breath for a couple of minutes after you’ve read this issue.

In #Batman 46, it’s been a year since Booster Gold went back and saved Bruce’s parents from dying, creating a new world where Bruce wasn’t Batman and his parents were very much alive.

However, not everything was sunshine and rainbows, as various members of the Bat-family (Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Dick Grayson, Duke Thomas, Damian Wayne) have met different fates, some worse than death, and Gotham is being dominated by the Joker, Ra’s al Ghul is taking over Eurasia, and Cobblepot is the president of the United States.

Thinking the only way he can bring Batman, the real Batman, back is by remembering something he loves so much, he decides to break Catwoman out of Arkham Asylum. Because, in this universe, she’s locked in there and Booster is trying to remind Bruce of the woman he was supposed to marry.


Batman #46, courtesy of DC

Ever since the last issue, Batman #46, Tom King presented us a dark, twisted world that showed us that Gotham needs both Bruce Wayne and Batman to not descend into madness and chaos. But, in order for that to come to fruition, there needs to be a tragedy that hellh never forget.

But, Batman is not the only character that King understands. We see a Booster Gold trying to make amends, trying to be the hero he believes he is, but utterly failing and feeling more miserable than before. I know what I’m saying is dark and sad, but it works for the story King is trying to tell.

The art, as always, matches perfectly with the colours and the ink, taking us to places that literally and figuratively blows you away and leaves you in awe. Even when what you’re seeing is shocking and confusing, it’s still different than from what we’ve seen before. And there’s a nod to a certain Catwoman we all love that will make you scream, just a little, in excitement.

There are some bits of dialogue that do seem off out of context, but when you understand why certain characters are talking the way they are, it becomes less babble and more… “oh f…”, especially when it’s revealed that not only Gotham needs Batman, but the world and the Justice League as well.

Batman #46 is an issue you should read if you’re a Batman fan, a Booster Gold fan or a fan for mysteries and tragedies. The Gift, the story arc that will conclude in the next Batman issue, is patching up to be a solid Booster Gold story and Batman story that reminds us that, at its core, tragedy is what makes Bruce the man behind the cowl, for better or for worse.

I won’t spoil anything, as I’m convinced more people should read what happens in the issue on their lonesome, but I can tell you this: The cliffhanger alone will surely make you anxious for the conclusion, I can guarantee you that.

Batman #46 earns a solid 8 tears out of 10.

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