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The PS4 Has Officially Outsold the PS3

In its quarterly sales report, Sony revealed some groundbreaking info about the PlayStation 4 and the course of its future. As of Q1 2018, PS4 sales have officially outdone PS3 sales. In this quarter alone, over 2.5 million PS4 units were sold worldwide.

To get into more detail, Sony’s Game and Network service increased 18% for this quarter. These sales include PS4 software and, of course, PlayStation Plus subscribers. 43% of the sold games were digital, which is a huge increase from last year. Also, by the end of the quarter, PlayStation Plus had garnered 34.2 million members, up 8.2 million users from the previous year.

We’re also coming up on the PS4’s 5th anniversary, which means some excitement for the console has certainly cooled from the last few years. However, with more game developers embracing the possibilities that the PlayStation 4 Pro holds, they’re seeing an increase in sales as well.

What are you hoping to see happen with the PlayStation 4 in the next year? Are there any games or improvements to the system that you’re hoping for? Let us know in the comments!

Source: GameSpot

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