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‘What We Do In The Shadows’ Reboot Gets Series Order at FX

Earlier in the year, FX had given a pilot order for Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement’s What We Do In The Shadows TV reboot. The 2014 film of the same name put the two stars’ names on audiences’ radars everywhere. Both of their directorial and script work on the film has paid off within the past four years. Waititi’s name is known throughout the industry thanks to films like Thor: Ragnarok and Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Clement rocked the ocean in Disney’s Moana and has been currently stealing the show on FX’s Legion. It was only a matter of time until FX gave the series order with their levels of popularity constantly growing. Today ended the wait when the network finally gave the official ten-episode order with a premiere window of spring 2019.


2014 still via Unison Films 

The two What We Do In The Shadows works will feature differences and similarities. The original film starring Waititi, Clement, and Jonny Brugh focused on three vampires struggling to live modern lives in New Zealand. The three main characters of Viago, Vladislav, and Deacon will not be the focus of the new show. The reboot will take place in New York and will focus on three different vampires who have been roommates for hundreds of years. It is safe to assume that the series will adopt the mockumentary comedy of the original film.

English actor Kayvan Novak will play the head of the vampire house, Nandor. Fellow Brit Matt Berry will play the silliest of them all, Lazslo. Comedic English actress Natasia Demetriou will play the fierce female of the trio, Nadja. Waititi and Clement are both executive producing. However, Clement will take on some writing duties with Waititi taking on some directing for the show. Even though the film’s vampires will not be the focus of this reboot, it would not be surprising if they were to make a surprise cameo considering how much the original creators are involved.

Nick Grad, President of Original Programming for FX Networks and FX Productions released an official statement saying, “What We Do in the Shadows only gets better with age thanks to this brilliant adaptation for television”. One still has a year to watch the film to be ready for the show’s spring 2019 release. Even so, why would one wait when the film could bring hard laughs to them now? With the original creators being involved this reboot has a path heading straight for success. How excited are you for new vampire content from Waititi and Clement supported by a fresh cast? Let us know in the comments below or on social media and make sure to be ready when What We Do In The Shadows releases next spring! 

Source: Deadline

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