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‘Happy Death Day’ Sequel Greenlit; Suraj Sharma & Sarah Yarkin Join The Cast

Blumhouse is moving forward with Happy Death Day 2, an inevitable result of the first films impressive box office performance and positive reactions from critics and audiences.

The first film raked in $123 million worldwide on a $4.8 million budget. The film was not critically celebrated like some recent horror flicks, but it certainly surprised audiences with its fun premise and a stellar performance from Jessica Rother.


Israel Broussard in Happy Death Day. Image via IMDB.

Rothe will be returning with co-stars, Israel Broussard and Ruby Modine. Modine played the first film’s villain and is reprising her role. Director Christopher Landon will return to direct. After the release of the film Landon spoke of the possible story elements that could be explored in a sequel, and now he has is chance to explore the groundhog day phenomenon that plagued our lead.

In Happy Death Day Roth played Tree, a self-absorbed sorority girl who’s trapped in a killer groundhog day scenario. On her birthday she gets trapped in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse. She must discover who the killer is and live to see another day. Broussard played Carter, the cute love interest who tries to help Tree. The sequel is set to pick up where the film left off, and Carter may be the key to helping Tree discover why she was stuck in the loop.

Modine played Lori who was revealed to be one of Tree’s killers and had been killed at the end of the first film.

Life of Pi‘s Suraj Sharma will be joining the case as a Samar Ghosh who is a science enthusiast and geek who enjoys coding. Sarah Yarkin will play Dre Morgan, Samar’s partner-in-crime, and who is also a science geek.

The casting suggests that the new duo will join Tree on her quest to figure out what happened in the first film, however, little is known about the script right now.

Source: Deadline.

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