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Funimation to Release ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Special 20th Anniversary Collectors Sets

The classic anime series Cowboy Bebop is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018 and Funimation is releasing the series for fans to enjoy in a way they’ve never seen before.

Funimation is planning to release the series in its entirety in a massive box set collections that is a must have for any Cowboy Bebop super fan. Pictures of the collectors editions are attached in the Facebook post below.

Starting May 1, on Cowboy Bebop‘s 20th Anniversary, Funimation will be opening reservations for the three different collector’s edition that are made at three different price points for fans to enjoy at different budgets. Despite the different price points and collectors editions each one will contain: the series and the film, a 200-page artbook with new translated materials, and for the first time ever, a vinyl of Cowboy Bebop‘s soundtrack.

The series premiered in Japan back in 1998, and ran for 26 episodes until 1999. Its popularity in America boomed once it was released on Cartoon Networks’ Adult Swim as the programming block’s very first anime. The show is considered one of the most successful anime of all time both critically and commercially.

Will you be buying one of the Cowboy Bebop special editions? Let us know in the comments below!

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