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Paul Blackthorne Exiting Arrow After Season Six

Paul Blackthorne has maintained his status as an Arrow regular since the pilot season. Over the course of six seasons, his character Quentin Lance undergoes a myriad of trials and tribulations, all of which he overcomes. It seems now is no better time for Blackthorne’s departure, then.

Entertainment Weekly reports Blackthorne’s exit; however, a specific reasoning behind the decision remains unknown. The publication does note that contracts are typically up following a show’s sixth season, allowing actors to move on should they choose. Blackthorne, like Willa Holland before him, has evidently chosen to explore new opportunities.

Paul Blackthorne and Katie Cassidy Courtesy of The CW

Paul Blackthorne and Katie Cassidy Courtesy of The CW

By season’s end, this may prove the perfect time for the character to leave. Beginning in season one as a detective and finishing as the Mayor of Star City, a role he’s sure to resign from, is a fascinating arc. Lance’s development throughout the series evokes a slew of emotions, especially when considering his struggles with alcoholism, losing both of his daughters several times, and the Lance family’s tumultuous relationship with Oliver Queen. Of late, the two have shared a father-son relationship, which is inspiring to watch given all they’ve gone through on this long, arduous journey.

Arrow airs Thursday nights on The CW.

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