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Legion S2 Ep. 5 ‘Chapter 13’ Review

We get back on track to the plot of the season with find Farouk’s body. Lenny’s back but how is that possible if her body blew up last season? How close are Oliver and Farouk to find his body? Some are answered and some are not, leaving us with more question as always

Spoilers Ahead

Lenny’s back! Or should I say she’s back in an actual physical body, but she has no idea how. She’s taken to Division 3 where she first meets with the interrogator Clark in an incredibly weird room that’s upside for some reason. Why is it upside down? I’m sure there’s a reason behind it, but I honestly can’t tell you why. It does make for some great visuals and amazing camerawork, which is part of the large appeal to the series.

Both Clark and Ptonomy go in to talk to Lenny so they can understand how she’s even physically here. At first, everyone believes its a trap and even though they didn’t show it, I’m pretty sure it is one. Lenny is still looney, but it’s clearly Lenny; she still remembers herself and her past, at least it seems that way. She definitely looks different also, her hair, eyes, and sometimes her face seems off.

It’s worth noting that David isn’t in the episode until the last 10 minutes. Most of the focus is on Lenny being interrogated by Division 3 and Oliver & Farouk doing what looks like a stakeout. At first, it seems that they’re trying to reclaim Farouk’s body but Oliver stole a device, took a sample out of Lenny’s old body and both he Farouk went to David’s sister house, killed the boyfriend, and then place Lenny’s DNA into her body.

So the big twist is that Lenny is in Davids sisters body and he ain’t happy about it. One of my favorite parts of the show is Oliver and Farouk’s chemistry; they both seem to have an admiration for each other but Oliver doesn’t trust Farouk not one bit. There’s still a lot of Oliver who evens threatens Farouk, who just chuckles about it.

We also have another lesson this episode titled ‘Conspiracy’ and the main take away is that “when we encounter coincidence, we often see conspiracy.” The fact that there has to be a reason for everything and nothing just happens because it does. I don’t see how it fits with the episode but I get the feeling it’s going to be brought up later on in the season.

This is another change of pace as David takes a backseat for us to truly focus on Oliver and Lenny and their turmoil with Farouk and what he’s done to them. Admittedly there are moments that are slow, but each episode leaves with the question of ‘what happens next?!’ We’ll just have to wait till next week to find out.

What did you think of the episode? Episode Six (Chapter 14) of Legion airs Tuesday, April May 8 at 10:00 p.m. EST on FX.

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