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Legion S2 Ep. 4 ‘Chapter 12’ Review

This is the shortest episode of the season thus far but it’s also the most emotional. David’s relationship with Syd is put to the ultimate test…

Spoilers Ahead

Last episode we saw David going into the mind of his friends, disinfecting the virus caused by the monk. In their minds, David has to figure out what they want and then they’re free. With Syd, it seems to be a bit more difficult.

This episode is all about Syd. We start with a brief 7-minute intro of her life from birth to adulthood, we also see her huddled inside an igloo and then crawls towards the light. To be quite honest, I don’t fully understand what her being in the igloo means, but I assume it means that she feels trap. This is such a nice change of pace from the previous episodes as we forget about the main plot with Farouk and go on this rather disturbing, psychic journey inside Syd’s mind. They were able to make the episode not that confusing… for the most part.

We are David in this episode as we try to figure out what Syd really wants alongside with him. At first, it seems like she longs for intimacy since she’s never truly been able to be in physical contact with someone. She’s always lived her life cautiously cause she’s had to, so when she became a teenager it made sense that she would rebel and go punk. David watches all this and tries with several attempts to understand what she really wants, but halfway through the episode, we realize she isn’t infected.

We realize that Syd wants David inside her mind so he can learn a valuable lesson that truly pays off in the end. She teaches him that a person’s endurance to pain of any kind, determines their strength; love isn’t going to save them, they have to save love and pain is what will help them accomplish it.

Their relationship has always been rather awkward, which makes sense, but it was a part of the show that never really caught my attention, until this episode. They were able to have me emotionally invested from beginning to end. Now there are moments where it gets weird and a little too much, but in the context of the show it makes sense and stays in line with the character of Syd. Of course, there are trippy sequences and the editing is fantastic.

Again this is a different episode that fits beautifully in the series. And the ending left us with a nice surprise as Lenny has come back to Division 3, but how and why?

What did you think of the episode? Episode 5 (Chapter 13) of Legion airs Tuesday, May 1 at 10:00 p.m. EST on FX.

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