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GOC Monthly Jams

All of us in the Geeks of Color fam love music.  We love sharing our new music finds, and our old favorites with each other constantly.  This month we decided to share the music that we have all been jamming to with you.  We have compiled a list of artists and songs that the GOC team have been really feeling this past month of April.  Going forward, we’ll release these lists on a monthly basis.  We hope you enjoy our jams!

April Jams

Kali Uchis


We’ve really been feeling the new Kali Uchis album this past month.  I’m sure most of you have hear of Kali Uchis by now; if you haven’t and you like R&B or Latin music definitely check her out.  Her strong but sensual vocals, over funky 70’s influenced beats are the perfect backdrop for the upcoming summer.

Song Recommendations from Us: After the Storm, Lottery


smino-jean-deaux-sango-lemon-pon-goose-1024x684Smino is a hip hop artist from St. Louis, he describes his music as “futuristic funk” and “soulful rap”. He is a unique artist, definitely worth listening to if you are into hip hop.

Song Recommendations from Us: Anita, Pecans (feat. Terrace Martin)



Yaeji is a Korean-American artist from Brooklyn.  Her music blends hip hop and electronic music, with soft sung, almost whispering, vocals which she sings in both Korean and English. Her music is funky with some serious outer space dance party vibes, and we think it’s super dope!

Song Recommendations from Us: Drink I’m Sippin On, Raingurl



We’re circling back to the R&B genre with Raveena.  Raveena is an Indian-American singer, whose beautiful voice has had us singing all month.

Song Recommendations from Us: If Only, Sweet Time

Steve Lacy


You may know Steve Lacy only from The Internet, but this month we have been listening to his solo music, which is a perfect blend of R&B, alternative, and contemporary Jazz.  His slow jams can have anyone dancing, or wanting to fall in love in seconds!

Song Recommendations from Us: RYD, C U Girl



We listened to a lot of Japanese-American singer/songwriter Mitski this month too.  Straying away from R&B for a minute, Mitski is the cutest indie rock artist around, give her a listen for some chill indie vibes.

Song Recommendations from Us: Your Best American Girl,                                                                                                                  Francis Forever

Rex Orange County

rex-orange-county-01-480x320Like Kali Uchis, I’m sure most of you have heard of Rex Orange County by now. This indie and R&B artist has really grown on everyone and gained lots of popularity in the past few months, probably due to his neo-soul sound, fun attitude, and heartfelt lyrics that we all can relate to.

Song Recommendations from                                                                                                              Us: Sunflower, Loving is Easy


Janelle Monae


I think we all want Janelle Monae and Tessa Thompson to adopt us at this point!  Janelle Monae is a pop and R&B songwriter that has been turning heads in the music industry these past months because of her strong feminist lyrics and amazing support of the LGBTQ community, and we love her for it.

Song Recommendations                                                                                                                       from Us: Make Me Feel,                                                                                                                         Django Jane

Daniel Caesar


If you aren’t already listening to Daniel Caesar’s gorgeous soul and R&B, you should be!  His meaningful songwriting, and gorgeously smooth vocals will leave you feeling every emotion, as he pours all of his own feelings into his music.

Song Recommendations from Us: Blessed, Hold Me                                                                                                                     Down



If you’ve been feeling a little emo, like some of us have this month, check out Turnover’s rock/pop punk jams.  Their emo rock sounds will have you working out your inner angst in no time, replacing that angst with some good ol’ middle school nostalgia.

Song Recommendations                                                                                                                       from Us: Humming, Pure                                                                                                                      Devotion



Towkio is a Mexican-Japanese hip hop artist from Chicago, Il.  He has just released his debut album WWW, check it out if you want to add some new, very eclectic, hip hop to your music library.  His music has been describes as “90’s soul” to “experimental rap”, and some just say down right weird but great! So if you are up for something new and original, give Towkio a listen.

Song Recommendations from Us:  Swim, Morning View

Summer Salt


Summer Salt is the perfect chill indie rock band to listen to by the pool all summer.  Check out their bossa nova and oldies influenced indie for great relaxing vibes.

Song Recommendations from Us: Candy Wrappers, Driving to Hawaii


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Daniel Caesar:



Summer Salt:

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