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‘Supergirl’ S3 Ep.16: ‘Of Two Minds’ Review

After weeks of mentions, the final worldkiller Pestilence makes its presence felt this week.

Hope you weren’t eating dinner. In the first moments we see the mayor developing the first systems of the illness.

Imra wants to rush in and kill her before she gets stronger and does more damage, while Kara wants to save the human host.

Mon-El seems to be taking Kara’s side, which is not lost on Imra.


Jeremy Jordan as Winn and Mechad Brooks as James in the Supergirl episode Of Two Minds. Source: Heroes Vue

Lena thinks she has a cure for Reign, but Sam must be electrocuted so she can test her. Reign tries to convince Sam to let go and give her control.

Lena lies to James again and there’s just no way their relationship can survive when everything comes out.

A breakout at City Hall sends everyone into emergency mode. Things get worse when Imra puts a forcefield up around City Hall.

She and Kara are clearly headed for a showdown.

Mon-El and Imra don’t agree on the best methods for going after Pestilence.

They think they’ve found her and when Kara shows up Imra is there already. There’s no time for fighting though because Winn gets sick.

Imra lets Kara know she has no problem killing Pestilence to save the people of the future.

It’s becoming clear that whatever ideals they started the Legion with, being back in National City has changed Mon-El’s perception.

Things go from bad to worse, as the cure doesn’t work in its current form. They need to find Pestilence to make it work.

This episode is pretty much a hypochondriac’s worst nightmare.


Lena (Katie McGrath) tries to help Sam (Odette Annable) find a cure for Reign. Source: Heroes Vue

Winn heartbreakingly tells James about the things he wants to do, but he’s also ok because he’s had all these great friends.

After the trauma of Avengers: Infinity War we’re on edge, so stop putting us through the emotional wringer Supergirl. And yes, Jeremy Jordan is once again fantastic.

They finally realize who Pestilence is, but Brainiac also tells Imra.

Pestilence/Grace is attacking a big health insurance company, and anyone who’s spent hours dealing with insurance red tape can’t be too upset.

Turns out Grace doesn’t want to be saved. She’s happy being Pestilence.

Imra tries to kill Pestilence, but Purity shows up in time to save her.

As usual, Kara blames herself for the plan going wrong and things getting worse.

That’s the default setting of Arrowverse heroes.

Imra tells Kara about her sister who was killed by the Blight. Realizing they’re on the same side, the women make up.

It’s nice to see that even though there were cracks, they didn’t pit these two strong women against each other.

Luckily, they got the DNA they needed, so Winn and Alex are ok.

Once everyone is back working together, they track Purity and Pestilence to Lena’s secret lab, where they’re looking for Reign.

With the three reunited, Sam turns into Reign and they all fly away.

The team couldn’t handle them one on one, they have no chance now that the worldkillers are completely together. This will not end well for anyone. The cost of saving the world is going to be very high.

Also happening around National City:

Brainiac uses an image inducer to look like a regular human. We have to assume it has something to do with the expense of keeping the actor in special makeup.


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